Who Are We?

AUTOGRAPHED NASCAR DIECAST Super Store, NASCAR DIECAST Super Store, Everything Nascar, Nascars Best Diecast Collectibles, AUTOGRPAHED NHRA DIECAST, NHRA DIECAST and many very collectible items some autographed some not from the world of sports and especially racing, are available to you the true racing fan. 

Our staff is comprised of individuals who have raced, those who have a love of racing, have sponsored cars, drivers, races and tracks and most importantly know and understand what it is to love a sport and appreciate collecting diecast from that venue. In short when you deal with us you are dealing with professionals who know and understand Racing of all types. You are dealing with true NASCAR Racing fans with friends currently active in the sport.

You are dealing with NHRA fans and former racers. You are also dealing with those who have a love and respect for anything and everything Racing. It is our goal to supply you with a place to find, and purchase items from the Racing world. We do feature Nascar Diecast but have a number of related items as well, items that we believe you would have an interest in. Whats new, whats happening now, what has happened in the past and what you need to build your diecast collection. Buy with confidence your satisfaction is guaranteed and very important to us. Rebel Diecast is a predominately Nascar Diecast Store you will Love.

We are here for the SERIOUS RACING DIECAST COLLECTOR. We specialize in just the right diecast collectible for those who really desire the hard to find, the rare and even the Autographed collectibles. NASCAR DIECAST is our specialty but we have other types of racing diecast as well. We even have caps, hats and t-shirts, check us out today and everyday because our inventory changes frequently.

Collecting quality NASCAR DIECAST is a lot of fun, rewarding and that is why Rebel Diecast has been and continues to specialize in the rare, the more treasured, the collectible NASCAR Diecast. We have several sizes but have focused on 1-24th scale. In addition to NASCAR DIECAST, we have items from other racing series as well. Our main focus is the diecast we believe has the best chances to show tremendous increases in value as time goes on. We want you to add value to your collection when you pick an item we have for your collection.


REBEL DIECAST is NASCAR DIECAST and your RACING DIECAST SUPERSTORE!  We maintain a huge and ever changing selection of the most desired and most sought after diecast collectibles to be found anywhere. We have autographed pieces as well as some that are not. We feature the very desired 1-24th scale although some of our items are a differenct size. NASCAR is featured although we have some other venues represented as well. Check us out today and often to see what is available on any given day. Shop today, shop often, we can help you build that collection with the best selection.

We specialize in 1/24th scale NASCAR DIECAST, but we have other sizes and series as well.  Our company focus is on giving you a great selection of the hard to find most sought after items that you would like to add to your own personal Diecast collection. In addition to the hard to find, the autographed the extreme collectibles, we maintain a growing selection of items not so hard to find for your shopping convenience.  If you are not a collector you probably do not realize how hard it is to find some of the popular and rare collectible items that have been produced over the years especially after the intial offering has been sold. Most initial offerings are very small on the most sought after collectible items. Remember we are here to help you with your collecting of quality NASCAR Diecast, NHRA Collectibles and Racing Collectibles in general. Collecting Diecast is a way of life and a big source of quality fun for you and for the whole family, not to mention an investment for the future.

We established Rebel Diecast to give you the diecast enthusiast or collector a site created for you with your wants in mind. It is our goal to give you the best and most desired NASCAR, NHRA and associated Racing diecast and other collectibles at the best possible prices. We also have some autographed pieces on this site. Each of them comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Most were signed in the presence of one of our team. As a collector we know and understand the importance and value of collectible items and we will work hard to give you the best at the lowest possible prices. Our selection of diecast and other collectibles will change frequently so check back often. We value your business and will work hard to keep it. While you are enjoying our web site let me suggest that you sign up for our e-mail and newsletters at the bottom of this page. We are not going to share your e-mail address with anyone, we just want to keep in touch with our good customers.     

Lil' Joe's Corner

We realize there are a lot of future collectors, car lovers and race fans coming up and Lil' Joe's Corner is dedicated to them. Maybe you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle with a special love for racing, collecting diecast or other racing memorabilia and know that little one in your family is interested too. Maybe you want to help them develop a timeless hobby the two of you can share. This hobby can be a source of pride and joy for you or it could be a fun, interesting way to develop a way to build a savings  for that first year in college. Whatever the reason this special hobby will forge a bond that can last for generations. So we have created Lil' Joe's Corner to help you. This unique collection is comprised of items that can be collectibles that will increase in value if kept in their cases or can be a special toy for your young race fan.